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A Filipina cam girl re-cybered!

Remember this Filipina cam girl?

I may have been groggy last time with her from being under anesthetics but I do recognize that cute, fuckable and fantastic ass from a mile away! I was online last night scoping out some of the older sites I used to visit for this blog project when I came across her profile picture with that fantastic ass in it. I was excited to know I may get a chance to log on with her again and see how far I could go. Sure, she eventually came on later that night but I was very disappointed in what she had done to herself this time…

You see, this fucking cam girl went and decided to grow a great big crotch-fro that one could seriously lose a bag of cashews in. No question about it. It was even split and parted right down the middle with a way-too-small thong. I told her that I loved hairy pussies like any other guy but that I really loved her smooth ass, bald pussy and tight lips when I jerk off to her strip-teases. Not this fur burger thing going on! Then something happened that nobody will ever ever ever in a million years believe…. she stepped off camera, then back on.. bushless! Within only seconds.. wtf wth fuck what huh?????!!!!!!@@@@

Haha turns out it was a female friend of hers that stopped in to see her and was holding her cam open for her while she made a potty break with the camera pointed right at her crotch and decided to lift her skirt to show that she had “sexy tiny girlie panties” on but got a shocked response from me. Guess I should have waited to see the face before giving her hell, haha!

I really wish I could have gotten video of it happening but I was still in shock with the mega-bush! And no. I won’t post profile pics of the mega-bush girl either.. it was nasty! I bet she’d be hot as fuck and do well on cam if she shaved it though. What a smoking hot body! Unfortunately the pussy still looked like it was wearing ZZTop’s lead singer’s face!!! After that happened, I felt bad for the girl and wanted to apologize but they had to go. To get the girl a razor I hope..! haha

Hairy Filipina beauty spreading on web cam

hairy Filipina cam slut spreading legs on webcam   There is definitely something very womanly about a hairy Filipina beauty spreading her legs on webcam. I love pussy hair that’s well kept and on slightly thicker women like this one. I love how soft it feels against me as I fuck them, play with their pussy mounds and put my hands down their pants to find that wet spot. Unfortunately I can’t really “feel” her hair on webcam but she listened to everything I liked about her hairy pussy and put on a show that had me right in there with the action, lots of angles to make me feel like it was my hand going into her panties and fingering her hairy box!

  I told her I won’t be satisfied until her bush is soaked in her own juices and her pussy so worn out she has to leave work early! haha.

She told me that is impossible because she can handle it all! Well, the challenge was on and her pussy got fingered so wide, deep and furiously that her bush should have caught fire but all that did was make juices flow off her bush, down her thighs and between her butt cheeks as I directed her into many different positions to furiously finger bang herself! As an ending I told her I want her spread eagle on her back with three fingers violently banging her own pussy hole until it hurts and to keep doing ti until I cum!

She was a great little trooper but I think she was quite used to this self abusive masturbation because she just smiled, said thank you for the good time and took on another cam session! Now that’s my kind of girl! Ready for more even if it hurts haha.

Filipina strip-tease @ home

Hot Filipina amateur does a strip tease at home on webcam   I had actually cammed with this girl a few weeks ago after getting home from a endoscopy procedure. I thought it was so much fun that I grabbed the video as soon as I see it available in their promotions center. I was in no immediately mental capacity to lead this girl so I told her I was still under anesthetics and needed her to cheer me up. She thought for a few moments. What a pretty face on her when she thinks hehe. So cute :) This fun Filipina then decided to do a nice strip tease in her bedroom for me. What a fantastic idea! Mm what an ass on her. She definitely made my day!

 << Check out the video from our session and tell me what you think. Leave us a comment below!

There’s somethings special bout a girl who uses her body, mind and dirty thoughts to make a man happy. She wasn’t just doing it for her own pleasure. She truly wanted to make me happy watching her and with that kind of dedication she got very personal in her Filipina strip tease. Nothing says “I lust you” like seeing her sexy little thong panty ass wiggling back and forth, grinding against my imaginary hard cock and rubbing her body up and down while dancing to the beat of her own desires to please a man the funnest way she knows how.

I wanted to just come up behind her and jab her cute little ass with my hard cock right then and there! Once I told her this she took her thong off and bent over doggie to invite me into her healing cunt. That made me even happier as she started rubbing her pussy while wiggling her rump back and forth. She rolled over and I told her to masturbate for me like I was fucking her and about to cum all over her warm pussy! She immediately rubbed herself into a fevered orgasm and I blew a load all over myself. I just wish I could have done it all over her.

Smoking hot Filipina chat girl

Smoking hot Filipina chat girl stripping on bed with perfect ass and tiny tits   Hey guys n gals! I hope November is shaping up to be a great month for you so far. Today I bring you a smoking hot Filipina chat girl strip-teasing outside then posing and getting naked indoors for you. She can’t help but keep touching her shaven pussy. She gets very horny when her panties come off and the thought of all you guys watching her with cocks-in-hand is making her get wetter by the second.

Any woman will tell you that the moment they realize they are wet they have an uncontrollable urge to touch themselves. Even if subconsciously doing it without realizing.

That simple fact proves why so many of these chat sluts love masturbating and react so well to our instructions, amazement and dirty compliments. They can’t help but get soaking wet and stroke those sticky pussies of theirs! I never hada chance to cam with this model yet. Inf act, I can;t seem to find her in the model list. She goes by the name Melody from Asian Chat Friends. If anyone finds her profile please leave us a comment with a link to it for everyone to see. Click the link then scroll down to the comment box if you don’t already see one on this page.

I have included many pictures here to get a good view of her. It’s that ass of hers that gets my attention every time I look at this gallery. It’s so petite, shapely and soft looking. My kind of buns! I’ve chatted with many Filipina ladies at a dozen sites and this is the one that’s got my keen interest right now. Simply because I want to cam with her so badly and make her spread those cheeks wide open for me while laying down flat with camera pointed up her legs towards that butt and finger fuck herself from behind while I envision myself filling her warm, shaved Filipina cam girl pussy from behind in that position! Hrm!

Little brown Filipina Lora’s booty on cam

 BootyLora69 enjoys all the attention her little brown Filipina booty gets on cam and it’s no surprise that I immediately gravitated towards a conversation with this girl. The video beside this is a screen-grab of the performance she put on for me but but if she is online she will tease you until you click to be quick and snatch this one up boys (or girls LOL) because this one is a total rocket to fuck around with!

  Once I saw how elegantly and beautiful this ass jiggled and loved to be touched I knew I had to get her to remove those panties and start massaging her anus, pussy and ass cheeks. She got the whole area so wet with pussy juices that I couldn’t hold back here’s what followed..

“You dirty little slut, I want you to fuck yourself until you want my cock inside of you!”
 She smiled, moaned and rolled over on her tummy with her ass stuck up a bit in the air while with one hand she reached under, stuffed fingers in and out and with her other hand caressing she gyrated her Filipina booty back and forth on cam while rubbing her cheeks, crack and ass hole for me. I told her how I was going to stuff my hard cock deep inside of her and let her grind and gyrate her booty against me while taking it deep.

That excited her and she started moaning louder and while imagining her slippery wet pussy and cheeks wrapped around my cock we both had an intense cum-fest that ended up with her little brown Filipina booty getting sticky wet and shiny with her own juices. If only it were my juices on her.. there would be a second round of fucking with maybe her and another one of her female friends that helps hold her props for her.. which happens to be equally as hot as her!