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Filipina Cam Model Raine

Nice doggystyle ass spread of Filipina Cam Model Raine

Everyone knows by now that I am at least 75% an ass man. Cue in the lovely Filipina Cam model named Raine. Man, what a rocking cute ass this one has! I hired her for one on one after sampling her free chat room and knew this was going to be a good haul for me. Even her perky and beautiful small tits were great. This woman screams youth with every curve and tight line on her body. While not fan of that half-shaven bullshit she has going on down there, the gentle supple curves of her youthful body, especially from behind with tight views of her cute ass on Filipina cam, drove me over the edge twice. I honestly just told her. “Make me cum” and she put on a nice show. She was too hot to even bother talking into doing anything. I just wanted to see her move and groove. Damn. I’m still a bit out of breath!

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Vina puts on a great Filipina cam show

Vina displaying her tight teen petite ass on this Filipina cam show video

I hope you enjoyed John’s month-long special here at Filipina Cam Page. I liked his girls so much that I am now doing a month-long special myself on the Filipina cams that he has hand-picked for all his site members. Lucky for us all, the cam page is open to the public and not only for his Filipina Sex Diary members. I am starting off this month’s foray with a delicious little Vina that put on one hell of a Filipina cam show for me. I love her ass so much. I can’t wait to find more hot ass girls like her because rear ends is all I have been thinking about lately. (being summer and all, in winter I usually like the big tits for warmth and comfort). Anyways, check out the video grabs the cam webmaster recorded of our session above and come join in and talk with the girls.

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Jessa, a Nerdy Filipina on Cam


I like nerdy looking Filipina girls. Not the emo type, but the smart looking type so once I saw this Filipina cam girl in glasses I knew I had to hire her. Much like a librarian, once they get naked, all hell breaks loose. She is not all that experienced from what I gather but she does do much more than what most Filipina girls do on cam. This one wanted to cum. She was her to masturbate and as luck would have it for her, get paid to do it too! She loved to explore her asshole and with each word of encouragement from me, she got quite into it and came pretty close to the same time I did :)


Nympha has cute Filipina Cam tits

I’m obsessed with cute Filipina Cam girls with tiny tits lately. Nympha definitely had what it takes to catch my attention. i kept telling her I wish to imagine my throbbing hard cock rubbing all over her delicious and tiny tits until I cum. She put on a great show for me and gave me a lovely strip tease to go with it all!

Filipina Cam model with cute tits

Nympha is one Filipina Cam girl to not take lightly for the simple fact she will shift attention to her pussy with every single flick, rub and self fingering penetration! Between imagining my precum soaked cock rubbing all over her tiny tits and on her chest I could not help but succumb to her desires to have a white man’s cock deep inside her pussy at the same time. Damn! She is one dirty little nympho! I’ve been featuring Pinay Sex chat for two months now with good reason, they are the best at what Filipina cam models they have available. It’s like they were trained by a pussy monger!


Wild Filipina couple on webcam (big tits on this girl!)

Sometimes it’s best to let a real cock work these girls up into a sexual fever so I started a session with a wild Filipina couple on webcam this time around for our Pinay Sex Chat special. The chick has some really nice bit tits and an amazing cute ass that’s just big enough to make any man want to bury their faces between her cheeks but still small enough to offer ample depth when fucking her deep.

Wild Filipina couple on webcam

She asked me what I want her boyfriend to do to her so I told him to strip her for me and play with her tits in ways that gives the best views like I was right there. Once I seen her ass start to come uncovered though it was all about her buns and after a nice deep blowjob she laid down on her stomach and let him power fuck her wet pussy from behind until her thick cute ass cheeks were soaking wet with her own juices. Damn windows did an update on me and I got cut off the chat with this wild Filipina couple on webcam before I could get him to give her any cum but I did manage to find some videos of similar action on their site. Check them out in the video above then visit here to meet many Filipina webcam models waiting online for you.