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Rita goes all our on Filipina Cam

Cute and tiny teen ass Rita displays it all on her Filipina Cam

Oh snap! Rita goes all out on this Filipina cam session. He ass is delicious. Like candy ju-jubes waiting to be eaten and melted in your moth, her ass was up and perked on display from the get-go. I honestly never had my heart racing like this before. I am in love with her ass. I want it to bad and can;t stop thinking about her. If you boys are not quick I might just reserve this little Filipina Cam bitch for myself for days to come! Between seeing her tight little cute perfectly shaped ass, the shaved bald tiny pussy and her insatiable ability to turn me on while fingering her ass, I stood no chance. Literally was a 5 minute session! Thus why I need her again.. haha

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Vina puts on a great Filipina cam show

Vina displaying her tight teen petite ass on this Filipina cam show video

I hope you enjoyed John’s month-long special here at Filipina Cam Page. I liked his girls so much that I am now doing a month-long special myself on the Filipina cams that he has hand-picked for all his site members. Lucky for us all, the cam page is open to the public and not only for his Filipina Sex Diary members. I am starting off this month’s foray with a delicious little Vina that put on one hell of a Filipina cam show for me. I love her ass so much. I can’t wait to find more hot ass girls like her because rear ends is all I have been thinking about lately. (being summer and all, in winter I usually like the big tits for warmth and comfort). Anyways, check out the video grabs the cam webmaster recorded of our session above and come join in and talk with the girls.

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Missy fingering and masturbating on her Filipina cam


Geez, this girl sure knew how to please me! I told her how I like cute little Filipina cam sluts like her and that I could not wait to see how she fingers and rubs her pussy. Truth is, she spent more time masturbating with a dildo and owning the show than anything. I hardly had to direct this girl. I call these Filipina camgirls like Miss here professional cummers. They don’t waste time and make sure they get an orgasm too!


Tricia’s dildo stuffed into soaked bald pussy on Filipina cam

I love tits tiny and big, they all have their advantages but this girl literally has zero tits! Don;t let that stop you from having a great time with her though. As soon as I reserved her for a 1-0n-1 Filipina cam session, she already had a dildo stuffed deep into her soaked bald pussy and giving herself one hell of a good going over with it! I told her I love to watch fresh tight bald pussies like hers up close so she moved the webcam in closer, spread her legs and cranked up the intensity of the vibrator in her dildo! She quickly went from docile to off into another erotic world!

Close up Filipina cam with Tricia stuffing dildo into bald pussy

Once she was able to focus on the screen once again I told Tricia to slide the dildo in and out like she would imagine me fucking her. With that she started pinching her nipples and really sloshing her pussy juices around until she had an intense orgasm after I told her my thick hard cock was throbbing for her hole and I was about to cum. It took me a little longer for my own eruption but that was merely because I was thoroughly enjoying the view of her pussy pulsating from pleasure! It’s for reasons like this that I get so excited about Filipina cam shows. They surely do know how to please their pussies better than any other type of girl!


Freaky Filipina teen on cam uses dildo and clamps

Filipina teen on webcam using her freaky clothespin clamps and nice big dildo   I seen her preview video gallery (same one as seen when you click the pic) and knew I had to play with this one. I am not big on the whole “pain during sex” thing but her delicious little body had me curious to watch her clamping those nipples. Luckily for me when she was online she already had her toys set up and ready to go. I had her juicy pussy lathering up her fingers, spreading the juice on her nipples and played with her nips until rock hard. She had a very hard time getting the clamps on her Filipina teen nipples because they were so juiced up.
  This not only frustrated her but seemed to make her even hornier because by the time she finally got one to stick on she was power dildoing her tight bald pussy until she came at the same time as me!