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Smoking hot Filipina bar girls have lesbian sex on webcam   What happens when you take two of the things you love the most in the world ( a hot Filipina bargirl and another hot filipina bargirl ) and put them together? An extremely hot webcam show that will astound and stimulate! I got bored this tiem around and wanted to see how far I could get one of the newer girls to go. She confessed to me that she never had a woman before so I told her I would pay for her and another performer to lez out on webcam for me.

She agreed, went to find a girl who wasn’t busy chatting yet and got her to join. I told her friend what it is I like to do when licking an Asian girl’s bald pussy and told her I want her to do it that way! Man.. my webcam girl was gyrating and bucking to beat the band!

There was so much moaning, cumming and excitement going on there that I could even hear the other girls cheering them on! They got some of it recorded too so check out the video page here to take in some of the action too. I fought and fought not to cum too early because watching these two Filipina bargirls dyking out was so hot that I almost came each time lips mashed sticky lips! It was intense! I asked her friend to finger fuck her really hard and lick her clit side-to-side quickly so that I could cum at the same time as the one getting licked. Mhh what a view this was :)

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Qrious2LikAzn’s Cam Feed. Please note that if she is not online an alternative cam will appear.

 Here’s a seasoned pro that’s been on the site for almost a year now. She used to go by the name AznPuzzyPower but when I looked up her profile it was gone! After checking the chat rooms I found out she has a new profile because she wants to start chatting with girls and wanted to make a new page. I found her online after a couple nights and pretended to be a girl. Even though my profile says I’m a man she never looked or didn’t care.

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I told her I would pay right away and reserve her for a long chat if she got another girl to join her so I could show her what I want to do to her and make her do to me so I could give this Filipina bi-curious girl licking lessons on cam for my own enjoyment. Little did I know it would unleash a fury of fingers and pussy juices then wreck part of the set! She agreed and brought in this skinny girl with a really tight body, shaved pussy and tiny tits to that would be great for breakfast!

I had her slowly striping this girl and exploring different parts of her body with her tongue and even licking nipples for the first time ever! I told her to start deep fingering her wet pussy and massage her tits while gently sucking on her clit. Her friend got so excited and into it she started gyrating her pussy all over her fingers and grabbed her by her hair and pushed her lips hard onto her engorged clit!

They both started frantically finger fucking each others pussies, got into a 69 position and started cumming with each others tongues deep into some serously wet pussies. After a while she really got into it and didn’t need my direction at all! This was a great show for me! These bi-curious Filipinas must have had a burning desire to fuck another girl because my licking lessons on cam turned into an all out growling fuck fest! My girl then took the other girl off her, bent her over doggiestyle, grabbing her by the hair of her hair and planting her face clearly right between her ass cheeks licking pussy, tongue fucking her tight asshole and making her pussy squirt juices into her pussy. She was finger banging herself at the same time while eating her and they both exploded into an intense orgasm that sent one of them over the edge of the bed, onto a night table and knocking a bunch of lighting equipment on the floor!

Best $10 I ever spent is while watching these two lose control over each other! I hope she’s online now for you guys and girls because this one will go into an orgasmic stupor if you tell her to do the right things. Enjoy friends :)

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 Oh my SweetSensi knows how to treat a dick really good. Just look at the way she rubs her tit’s, caresses and squeezes them tight around that thick dildo. A perfectly round and soft pair like hers would drive me bananas! Truth be told, I never came with such force and distance as I did when I made her use that dildo to please my ever fantasy about her!

 Her lickable soft Asian tits were not the only best part. You should see her pussy too! I tell you man, Asians have the best fuck holes on this blue planet! They are so tight and soaking wet at the thought of my thick and hard white cock that they cannot help but get excited and sometimes cum on command when I direct them.

As she got more and more excited and begging me to tell her what to do next I got her to straddled that dildo while on tippy-toes with the camera pointed towards her pussy and lickable soft Asian tits hanging in ‘my face’. She pounded up and down and I told her I was slapping her as and that I wanted her to cum hard on that dildo because I would love to have her tits in my mouth right now with her tight juicy pussy lips wrapped around my cock squeezing me as she bursts into orgasm. Fuck she was hot and bothered and so was I!!!!

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