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A Filipina cam girl re-cybered!

Remember this Filipina cam girl?

I may have been groggy last time with her from being under anesthetics but I do recognize that cute, fuckable and fantastic ass from a mile away! I was online last night scoping out some of the older sites I used to visit for this blog project when I came across her profile picture with that fantastic ass in it. I was excited to know I may get a chance to log on with her again and see how far I could go. Sure, she eventually came on later that night but I was very disappointed in what she had done to herself this time…

You see, this fucking cam girl went and decided to grow a great big crotch-fro that one could seriously lose a bag of cashews in. No question about it. It was even split and parted right down the middle with a way-too-small thong. I told her that I loved hairy pussies like any other guy but that I really loved her smooth ass, bald pussy and tight lips when I jerk off to her strip-teases. Not this fur burger thing going on! Then something happened that nobody will ever ever ever in a million years believe…. she stepped off camera, then back on.. bushless! Within only seconds.. wtf wth fuck what huh?????!!!!!!@@@@

Haha turns out it was a female friend of hers that stopped in to see her and was holding her cam open for her while she made a potty break with the camera pointed right at her crotch and decided to lift her skirt to show that she had “sexy tiny girlie panties” on but got a shocked response from me. Guess I should have waited to see the face before giving her hell, haha!

I really wish I could have gotten video of it happening but I was still in shock with the mega-bush! And no. I won’t post profile pics of the mega-bush girl either.. it was nasty! I bet she’d be hot as fuck and do well on cam if she shaved it though. What a smoking hot body! Unfortunately the pussy still looked like it was wearing ZZTop’s lead singer’s face!!! After that happened, I felt bad for the girl and wanted to apologize but they had to go. To get the girl a razor I hope..! haha

Horny Mala masturbates a lot on cam

Check out the videos on the left.

mala masturbates a lot   This is another one of those horny Filipinas that keep making me mutter “cripes you masturbate a lot” under my breath. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really tell this chick to do much. I just said “Make me happy and tell me what turns you on.” Every time she shifted I thought she was going to do something new.. she sure did. Many different positions of her, you guessed it guys, masturbating over and over and over again!

  I’m surprised she doesn’t get palm burn when vigorously rubbing her hairy Filipina pussy in a fury of fits. And that, my friends, only reminds me just how much I love watching Filipinas masturbating on cam:)

I have to say, Honey Dolls has once again passed my expectations! They always seem to have the nicest girls, prettiest of faces and have an ability to pick ones with insatiable horny masturbation problems. Works out perfect for their performances on cam and for our own enjoyment. These girls will do pretty much anything you tell them to do!