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Filipina Pamela seduces with Asian booty

Hot ass Filipina friend Pamela showing me her asian booty  I wish I could find video or pictures of Pamela completely nude but all I could find are ones of her nice tiny tits with big erect nipples and her asian booty ass in a tight leather outfit. Still a very sexy asian gallery with a very sexy body to see! I love how the curves of her lush thighs and booty ass are so round and soft looking.

 When I chatted with Pamela, this Filipina seduced me with her Asian booty so I ponied up the dough and bought 30mins with her at Filipina Friend. Her tiny tits smothered in her own juices after she was stripping seductively for me and experimenting with a little tit play made me want Her shaved pussy & booty next!

I told her I want to see her rubbing her inner thighs and pussy until her hands were soaked in her own pussy juices then rub it all over her sweet Asian booty then stick a finger in her asshole. She got very excited and mashed her palm violently into her pussy until she started to moan loudly and shake her hips back and forth. For such a tiny titty wonder she sure has an amazing ass and pussy! Cam sessions with ones like this are extremely hot and she knew it would have to be her best tease and seduction ever to keep her 30 minute guarantee with me!

I then asked her to bend over and seduce me with her Asian booty. She spread her cheeks wide open and shook it back and forth slowly while easing into her own moist pussy pocket with a middle finger. She stuck it in deeper and I told her I want her to fuck two fingers like it was my cock behind her slamming that juice hole. She rode her fingers until we both came and when she was done she masturbated laying on her side with a leg up until I could cum again. What a good bitch!

Falling in love with a Filipina doll online

Falling in love with flirtatious and sexy Filipina doll online   I was rooting around a new-to-me site called SoInLuv and found some of the freshest girls I have seen in a long time. These are high quality Filipina babes that have an incredible appetite for orgasms and love to please a man who can take charge.

  You can fall in love with any number of these Filipina girls. That’s just how cute, fresh and pleasant they are!

  I had an amazing experience with one of them recently and I can understand why they call this site SoInLuv! I was lucky to find a picture of her in one of their galleries :)

I wanted to do something a little bit different with this one once I secured the chat with her. I told her I want her to make me want her body, mind and hand in marriage. She smiled at the challenge, very cutely I must add! She just told me all the things she likes. Sexual and non-sexual. It was very difficult to get past her cute accent but I did manage to hear most of the dirty things she likes a man to do to her. She told me that she loves it when a man runs his hands up and down the front of her naked body, caresses her tits and gently massages her pussy mound.

It wasn’t all talk either. This cute and lovely creature showed me on webcam where she likes a man’s hands to be, what she likes them doing to her and then using her own hand as example she started to play with her moist shaved pussy and caress her sweet naked Filipina body. It was heaven watching her. I wanted to be her hand, I wanted to be her man and I wanted oh so fucking badly to be the cock that slides deep inside that pussy as she inched closer and closer to orgasm.

I told her I wanted her to show me how she would best like to make me cum. She got up and mounted her own fingers on the bed like she was riding a cock in cowgirl position and slowly milked her own two fingers with a very slushy sounding wet and tight set of pussy lips. Instant love, gratification and release of joy juice right then and there!

Jinky shows off tight & hairy Filipina pussy

tight and hairy pussy   A tight pussy is the holy grail of pleasure to most. I don’t know about you guys but if you actually had one tight enough to hurt you then you would know how enthralling it is to fuck the hell out of one until you’re both sore, pleased and throbbing with relief that it’s over and that it even happened in the first place! When I got into chat with Jinky I had a feeling she might be a tight one. Just by the shyness in her demeanor. Man was I ever pleased to find out just how tight she was!

I asked her to show off her tight and hairy Filipina pussy for me. She quickly obliged and it took my breath away guys! Put it this way, I am surprised her pussy could handle a pinky finger, let alone two at once!

After telling her how hot her pussy was getting me, she bent over doggie and said she would like it if I was able to stick my big white dick inside her. She rubbed her clit, double fingered her tight and hairy Filipina pussy then started to cum! Her entire pussy pulsated, puckered and leaked out juices from her pin-hole of a cunt until she was done making a mess of herself. What a show!

Pretty and innocent looking new Filipina webcam employee

Pretty innocent looking Filipina cammer   This pretty looking Filipina camhouse employee seemed a little too innocent and new to be a regular. So I asked her how long she has been making our dreams come true. She had told me it was only her second day out of training but she hasn’t had much luck getting guys to hire her for one-on-one Filipina cam sessions. She seemed a bit frustrated so I offered to assist her. I told her that most men will want to see her goods right away but if she wants to get hired she must tease and masturbate discretely and innocently to really be taken seriously. I told her to try it out on me by closing her eyes for a moment, thinking of a hot guy touching her body from cleavage to panty line then down under to rub one out.

She opened her eyes after playing for awhile and said she was ready to take this further.

I ponied up the tokens and told her I want to pretend she is, in many words, molesting me on webcam. She took out one of the new dildos the house gave her to use and sucked it, stroked it and even climbed on top of it. I told her to fuck me like the dirty little whore she is and to let all her embarrassment out the window, enjoy this like it’s her ultimate sexual fantasy coming true. She started to have a couple orgasm on her toy and by this time she had other employees in the camhouse cheering on this innocent looking Filipina as she fucked my “virtual cock” on the bed.

See guys, just because the girl has tits and pussy doesn’t mean they will completely offer themselves up to you. Work with them, find out what excites them and you’ll both have a very good time on cam. I have a few regulars that even discount me periodically because I have formed nice sexual friendships with them on many cam sites.

Cute butt Filipina cam slut

Filipina cam slut with very cute butt   Fuck, I’m completely obsessed with this one. her body is smoking hot in every way but it’s her cute Filipina butt that has me wanting this cam slut so badly. When I most recently had her acting out her sexual prowess on webcam, I had her point the cam at her cute butt and she rubbed it, massaged it and even stuck fingers in it as she gyrated her buns around her slender probing digits. What a fucking view! The rest of her is just as tantalizing as well. Look at those amazing Asian tits. These are a rare pair so enjoy them!
  Once you get those glorious views of her pussy in a one on one cam session, you’ll truly appreciate all she has to offer because her delicate and soft looking shaved pussy wraps around her fingers with such pleasure that she can’t stop herself from going deeper!