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Exclussive Asian cam sluts? Yes sir!

Hey guys! Been awhile, I know.. I know. We were busy helping John Tron build his new Asian Sex Diary! Well, how does that relate to cams, you may ask? Well. For 1, we love Asian pussy. Secondly, without John, we would not have a special announcement to make about some seriously interesting Filipina cam girls! You see, members of John Tron’s brand new Asian Sex Diary have exclusive access to 3 girls who call themselves the ASDPussyCats from his new Cam page. Meaning, these girls can ONLY be hired by his members and the girls were hand-selected in person by John himself. They are naughty, dirty, horny and ready to do everything they can to please you! In the meantime, he also has other cam models available through his own cam page, too.

Not online? Then..

A Filipina cam girl re-cybered!

Remember this Filipina cam girl?

I may have been groggy last time with her from being under anesthetics but I do recognize that cute, fuckable and fantastic ass from a mile away! I was online last night scoping out some of the older sites I used to visit for this blog project when I came across her profile picture with that fantastic ass in it. I was excited to know I may get a chance to log on with her again and see how far I could go. Sure, she eventually came on later that night but I was very disappointed in what she had done to herself this time…

You see, this fucking cam girl went and decided to grow a great big crotch-fro that one could seriously lose a bag of cashews in. No question about it. It was even split and parted right down the middle with a way-too-small thong. I told her that I loved hairy pussies like any other guy but that I really loved her smooth ass, bald pussy and tight lips when I jerk off to her strip-teases. Not this fur burger thing going on! Then something happened that nobody will ever ever ever in a million years believe…. she stepped off camera, then back on.. bushless! Within only seconds.. wtf wth fuck what huh?????!!!!!!@@@@

Haha turns out it was a female friend of hers that stopped in to see her and was holding her cam open for her while she made a potty break with the camera pointed right at her crotch and decided to lift her skirt to show that she had “sexy tiny girlie panties” on but got a shocked response from me. Guess I should have waited to see the face before giving her hell, haha!

I really wish I could have gotten video of it happening but I was still in shock with the mega-bush! And no. I won’t post profile pics of the mega-bush girl either.. it was nasty! I bet she’d be hot as fuck and do well on cam if she shaved it though. What a smoking hot body! Unfortunately the pussy still looked like it was wearing ZZTop’s lead singer’s face!!! After that happened, I felt bad for the girl and wanted to apologize but they had to go. To get the girl a razor I hope..! haha

Account Registration open to our readers

Hey everyone. We are having issues with spam in the comments so I have came up with an ingenious way to solve this and giving you guys perks for registering to post comments!

Public comments are turned off for the time being, if not indefinitely. The Asian Funpage Network has been getting butt-raped by comment bots. Over 1000 new comments were awaiting my attention when I logged in today. As exciting as that all sounds, they were all garbage, unrelated and nothing but “spam” post comments generated by scripts so I deleted every single one of them instead of wading through them all to save the real human ones.

If anyone’s real comments got deleted you are welcome to repost them again. This time, however, you will be required to register and login to post any comments. I will never spam you or sell your information. Hell I’ll most likely never even email you about anything except to send you confirmation emails and password reminders if you ever need them.

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Don’t just cam, meet up for fun too!

  It’s one thing to chat on cam and play with these hot Asian women but it’s another to actually meet up after playing on cam with them to take it to the next level. I have been an avid fan of many “hookup” sites for a long time and have many stories to tell you about them but what I like most about Asia Friend Finder is that you don’t need to search far. If they are looking to fuck they are listed on this site.

I have set up the all the links to the site to show all available women for hookups in your city/town/village that are of Asian descent. You can’t go wrong! The map beside this paragraph shows some that are available in your area.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve tried this sort of thing before and only ended up watching women who don’t respond or never accept your offers. Read on.. I’m going to help you.

I’ll show you how to get a guaranteed Asian fuck! Cannot fail! Worse case scenario you are bound to have at least 2-3 hot nights out with these hotties! They are on these sights for sexual pleasure. It’s no doubt. However, there is a high failure rate if you don’t keep your cool.

Calm down, relax and it will work out for you! If you can’t hookup with any of these women then there is something seriously wrong. Play it cool. Be up-front but don’t come on too strong, tell them what you like about them and open a discussion with them by telling them what you think they may like in your own profile. Don’t make it all sexual. Telling them you want to anally destroy them on the first date won’t get you anywhere. These are real women, not porn stars you can just drop a load at. They want to have a good time too, not just penetrate and go home. Drop some seeds early in the conversation then when you peak their interest in any subject they are curious or passionate about drop it like a bomb on them in a way that they cannot say no. My favorite response to any chick that takes a non-sexually intended banter as sexual and gets excited is to respond with “Ah yeah? Sounds like we’re going to have a good time. Lets get some drinks and see where this goes. Free to have a fun and interesting night out friday?”

If you planted your seeds right you will succeed! Just don’t seem eager. Desperation looks bad no matter how desperate the girls are too. I have hooked up with many women online using dating sites, hookup sites and even non-adult profile sites by playing it cool and dropping seeds like this. You ARE a good time. Not just your cock. Let that shine in your conversations. You’re not looking to fall in love (although you might, I have) but you still are a human being and so is she. Her needs may just be a one nighter, maybe a short term affair, or maybe more! Who knows! Don’t fret about it if it falls through, move on to the next girl that peaked your interest. I’m far from handsome but it still worked for me.

I really hope these tips get you laid within a week because there are so many attainable Asian chicks ready for a good time just waiting for a man to come play captain-save-a-ho!

Virgin bi-curious Filipinas get licking lessons on cam

Qrious2LikAzn’s Cam Feed. Please note that if she is not online an alternative cam will appear.

 Here’s a seasoned pro that’s been on the site for almost a year now. She used to go by the name AznPuzzyPower but when I looked up her profile it was gone! After checking the chat rooms I found out she has a new profile because she wants to start chatting with girls and wanted to make a new page. I found her online after a couple nights and pretended to be a girl. Even though my profile says I’m a man she never looked or didn’t care.

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I told her I would pay right away and reserve her for a long chat if she got another girl to join her so I could show her what I want to do to her and make her do to me so I could give this Filipina bi-curious girl licking lessons on cam for my own enjoyment. Little did I know it would unleash a fury of fingers and pussy juices then wreck part of the set! She agreed and brought in this skinny girl with a really tight body, shaved pussy and tiny tits to that would be great for breakfast!

I had her slowly striping this girl and exploring different parts of her body with her tongue and even licking nipples for the first time ever! I told her to start deep fingering her wet pussy and massage her tits while gently sucking on her clit. Her friend got so excited and into it she started gyrating her pussy all over her fingers and grabbed her by her hair and pushed her lips hard onto her engorged clit!

They both started frantically finger fucking each others pussies, got into a 69 position and started cumming with each others tongues deep into some serously wet pussies. After a while she really got into it and didn’t need my direction at all! This was a great show for me! These bi-curious Filipinas must have had a burning desire to fuck another girl because my licking lessons on cam turned into an all out growling fuck fest! My girl then took the other girl off her, bent her over doggiestyle, grabbing her by the hair of her hair and planting her face clearly right between her ass cheeks licking pussy, tongue fucking her tight asshole and making her pussy squirt juices into her pussy. She was finger banging herself at the same time while eating her and they both exploded into an intense orgasm that sent one of them over the edge of the bed, onto a night table and knocking a bunch of lighting equipment on the floor!

Best $10 I ever spent is while watching these two lose control over each other! I hope she’s online now for you guys and girls because this one will go into an orgasmic stupor if you tell her to do the right things. Enjoy friends :)