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Louise’s Filipina Cam: A special taste of heaven!

Here’s a video gallery that I came across on my hunt for the videos from one of my sessions. It’s not one of mine but I wanted to share this one with you guys anyways. There’s just something about a Filipina cam teen like Louise here licking her fingers right after having them buried deep within her tasty Filipina cunt!

I once met this girl years ago. A Canadian Native chick that looked quite similar to this girl, except she had the super long hair down to her ass. She loved licking her fingers. Tiny body, perfectly shaved pussy and loved to play naughty. She told me she was 19 but I have a feeling she was just days over 18 the first time she came onto me. She had a curious demeanor. She’s obviously no stranger to fucking around but was very curious in her attempts to seduce me. Much like this girl Louise in the Filipina cam videos posted here today.

Touching pussy, moving her body gently and then tasting it, then rubbing pussy again. Oh man… I seriously gotta find that chick again.. anyways. I hope you guys get the same ‘rise’ to occasion from Louise as it did for me. Maybe you had a similar experience years ago that you’d love acted out on webcam. Check out the site below.. sign up for free to check out what’s online at least.

And yes, the girl like Louise.. I fucked her. Oh did I ever. Repeatedly. Even on Sunday’s.


Filipina Cam’s Chubby Featurette, Nica

So a few nights ago I was banging’ away at the wife while she was sleeping (She said I could since she was tired and I was horny.. she can sometimes sense I am wanting some nookie before I even touch her heh) and I’m telling ya, if any of you have done this before, you would realize just how wet a bald pussy gets when touched in the night. Soaking, slippery, soggy, dripping wet! I’m telling you, you could literally deep fry a chicken if it was cooking oil, that’s how much wetness there is! Very little resistance, it’s like sinking into warm pudding haha Well after an experience like that, I had to find a girl for a Filipina cam report that had equal wetness.

I came across this video gallery of Nica rubbing a dildo along her soaking sloppy wet pussy from another bloke’s cam session and I can honestly say, this girl was almost as wet. Don’t worry guys, a girl this capable of producing wetness needs a report here too so I will once day catch her online and hopefully, get similar results as this other bloke did from her. If anything, with wetness like that, even if she’s a bore.. it’s goina be hot!


Perky Filipina Cam Teaser Iris

There’s something about a moist pussy that’s buckling at the panty seam begging to unleash it’s frothy warm scent at anyone who follows it’s natural seduction. Case in point is this perky little Filipina cam teaser named iris. Man, I could almost smell her juicy sweet stink when she first made note of how wet and sticky her panty bottoms were pressed up against her bald pussy cameltoe. I asked her, “Pull it aside and let it just hang baby, pulse and groove with it”. To which she did. Such a good little listener. Cute too, so I think I’ll keep her in my favorites list for another day. Cheers!


Filipina Cam with Maude

Maude.. what a fucking name. Poor thing. Ekk.. anyways. With a name like that I knew she had to be dirty. I mean, she would have to make up for a name like that with skill and desire or if anything, looks.

Well, I am happy to report that she does have everything else going on for her! Otherwise she would not have a Filipina cam now, would she? Perfectly shaven snatch, cute little ass, pretty face and I even liked the way her puffy flap has this right-hook to it when she finger fucks her Filipina pussy from behind. Call me crazy but little oddities like that in a woman’s sexual make up gets me a little turned on.. You guys probably already think I am crazy anyways.. so who am I preaching to? heh. Enjoy the videos guys. It’s not the same one form my chat with her but she’s wearing the same outfit… IE: NONE!