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Squirting Hilda: With a name like that you know she’s dirty!

Man, sometimes, I just don’t know what to do about myself *insert shameful shrug here* and these situations with ditch pigs I sometimes get myself into. It used to happen to me in real life but the part that’s interesting is it still happens online for me, where men can easily afford the dignity to be picky! I have a bit of a drinking problem on Friday nights so when I get home all liquored up and too ‘whiskey dink’-limp to dry hump the woman awake, I take a quick fix from my favorite Filipina cam site. I just sometimes click the first one I see spreading, showing tits or anything. This time I got Hilda. I am some glad that the video was recorded of my encounter with her. She’s one hell of a freaky bed-animal that loves to squirt! She kept calling me a dirty man and that I shouldn’t do these dirty things to people. Something about needing a spanking then she’d lay back, pump her damn-awful looking Filipina fuck-pit into oblivion and moan like a retard!

It was honestly getting me hard as fuck watching this ugly Filipina cam whore going nuts on herself. I sincerely think this is what these older ugly chicks do to drunk guys from the bars. Go completely off the wall and cum all over the DAMN place! Ok.. then shit got really silly. A few quick probes later and she was squirting a fountain of pussy juice all over herself, the bed, the equipment, the floor, I’m pretty sure she hit a few ceiling tiles and possibly even another performer nearby. Unreal. I came like a dump truck and quickly shut this freak show off!! You sometimes never know what you’re goina find but one thing’s for sure.. these Filipina cams are sure entertaining!


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