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Filipina Cam’s Chubby Featurette, Nica

So a few nights ago I was banging’ away at the wife while she was sleeping (She said I could since she was tired and I was horny.. she can sometimes sense I am wanting some nookie before I even touch her heh) and I’m telling ya, if any of you have done this before, you would realize just how wet a bald pussy gets when touched in the night. Soaking, slippery, soggy, dripping wet! I’m telling you, you could literally deep fry a chicken if it was cooking oil, that’s how much wetness there is! Very little resistance, it’s like sinking into warm pudding haha Well after an experience like that, I had to find a girl for a Filipina cam report that had equal wetness.

I came across this video gallery of Nica rubbing a dildo along her soaking sloppy wet pussy from another bloke’s cam session and I can honestly say, this girl was almost as wet. Don’t worry guys, a girl this capable of producing wetness needs a report here too so I will once day catch her online and hopefully, get similar results as this other bloke did from her. If anything, with wetness like that, even if she’s a bore.. it’s goina be hot!


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