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Filipina Cam with Maude

Maude.. what a fucking name. Poor thing. Ekk.. anyways. With a name like that I knew she had to be dirty. I mean, she would have to make up for a name like that with skill and desire or if anything, looks.

Well, I am happy to report that she does have everything else going on for her! Otherwise she would not have a Filipina cam now, would she? Perfectly shaven snatch, cute little ass, pretty face and I even liked the way her puffy flap has this right-hook to it when she finger fucks her Filipina pussy from behind. Call me crazy but little oddities like that in a woman’s sexual make up gets me a little turned on.. You guys probably already think I am crazy anyways.. so who am I preaching to? heh. Enjoy the videos guys. It’s not the same one form my chat with her but she’s wearing the same outfit… IE: NONE!


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