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Trixie: Pinay Cam Girl In Private with me…

It ain’t always easy to get new models to my Cam Page. Not because the girls don’t want to (Pinays are always on the lookout for easy money) but because I want to be sure they’re worth your time. The Filipina Sex Diary Cam Page girls are supposed to be one of a kind.
Trixie hot filipina chick from Sex Diary Cam PageTake Trixie; She doesn’t share much information about herself in her profile, but catch her when she’s on-line and you’ll get a threat you won’t forget. I found time to log on and test her while I stayed overnight at a hotel in Bangkok. Fun fact; I didn’t reveal my true identity, no special treatment here. It seemed to be a slow night, there weren’t many guys in the public chat-room but she managed to keep the show going. It wasn’t the type of ‘dull room’ you would leave on a blink.

Anyway, I wasn’t there to check her public skills so we entered the private chat. Her Pinay shyness disappeared like water in Sahara. Her attitude towards my wishes were truly genuine and she actually made me quite horny. To bad I spent the night alone at the hotel, he he.
Well, check out the video-clips you get if  you click the picture above. I’m sure you agree. This is one hell of a Cam Model.


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Emily is a very hot and classy Filipina cam babe

Hi guys, like this site’s boss said a couple days ago, I am going to be posting on here for the month to show you my favorite Filipina cam girls. Most of you probably already know about my site already, Filipina Sex Diary, but if you have not yet, please visit there too after watching the video gallery just below here.

I Found this beauty on my Filipina Sex Diary Cam’s Page after placing her there a couple weeks ago. I did not have time between traveling from PI to Thailand and back again to Philippines at that time to take this Filipina cam babe for a test ride. She is very easy to get along with and wore a very sexy outfit in high heels too, that made me very horny instantly. I hope to sweet-talk her into meeting since I am in the Philippines now, but if not, at least I still have my hot cam time with her. You’ll love the way this girl is so confident and plays with her pussy nicely. The heels are definitely a nice sexy touch too. Thanks guys! See you again next week!


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Gloria: Dildo fucking cam model goes nuts with her toy!

So I decided this month was going to be handled by my good friend John from Filipina Sex Diary. He has a diary where he literally hunts down many different Filipina girls in the streets, bars, online, Filipina cams and even by having ex girlfriends bring him fresh pussy in hopes of getting him back. He has his own cam page set up of his personal favorite cam girls. Twice a week, he will update this Filipina Cam Page blog with a chosen favorite and write a little post about it. I hope you guys enjoy!

In the meantime, you can check out the girl in the Filipina cam video gallery. It’s one of the girls he hand-picked named Gloria! Wow, what a girl!

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