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Serenity – My Cam Girl of choice, Wild Sexual Beast she is!

This Cam Girl from my cam-page over at the Filipina Sex Diary is also a wild sexy beast. A bar owner told me he had this girl looking for a change in her carrier. I of course did not turn down his request and soon was face to face with Serenity. Unlike other girls I’ve been interviewing, Serenity wasn’t shy. I couldn’t trace any Innocence either, she was a beast from the very first moment we met. A sexual Filipina Cam Girl with humor and personality. No need to say it, but I’ll do it anyway: We ended up fucking our brains out.

It’s been a little while since we had our *first* rendezvous and she’s still going strong at my cam page. Serenity is actually one of my more popular girls and it’s no wonder. Look at her keywords for specialties: Long Nails, Shaved, Piercings, Cameltoe, Smoking, Strap on, Strip tease, White Panties, Gagging, Cum shot, Talk Dirty.
Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I still haven’t seen a professionally looking strip tease from a Pinay Cam Girl? Well, it’s bullshit of course, there are a few around. Serenity is one of them. Her Strip is oozing with sex and wild passion, while she makes sure your thing gets as hard as its ever been. Check her out! I’m proud of having Serenity Cam Girl on my payroll!


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