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Marcella: Wild Filipina Cam Girl Claiming to be untouched!

Marcella caught my attention a bit different than I usually notices girls. I was browsing profiles at my cam-page over at the Sex Diary. In her profile I found her self-written comment.

I’m simple,virgine but im seeking a boyfriend im good girl but sometime bad…. hehehe bad in prvt…. ill do naked and play my self for the money.. im just a model work here for some reason… hehe

Marcella, Pinay web-cam girl claiming to be a virgin

She’s one of the girls I haven’t had the chance to explore in person, so I got curious and entered her private chat. We were soon down to our playful web cam business. I captured this picture of her in action. I had to ask myself, does a virgin spread her pussy like a pro? Does her nipples look like a untouched Filipina? Does there even exist a thing called a Filipina Virgin? Lol!.

Anyway, I shall not make fun of my staff. She’s a wonderful girl and her show was top notch. Nah, she ain’t a virgin, but in fact I think what she means is that she is the innocent kind of girl. Until you get her for yourself.
I know for a fact that she lives in Angeles City so if you see her when you’re in the neighborhood… Don’t be shy. She might be innocent on the outside, but she really want to get to know people like you and get dirty, on the inside.


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