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Serenity – My Cam Girl of choice, Wild Sexual Beast she is!

This Cam Girl from my cam-page over at the Filipina Sex Diary is also a wild sexy beast. A bar owner told me he had this girl looking for a change in her carrier. I of course did not turn down his request and soon was face to face with Serenity. Unlike other girls I’ve been interviewing, Serenity wasn’t shy. I couldn’t trace any Innocence either, she was a beast from the very first moment we met. A sexual Filipina Cam Girl with humor and personality. No need to say it, but I’ll do it anyway: We ended up fucking our brains out.

It’s been a little while since we had our *first* rendezvous and she’s still going strong at my cam page. Serenity is actually one of my more popular girls and it’s no wonder. Look at her keywords for specialties: Long Nails, Shaved, Piercings, Cameltoe, Smoking, Strap on, Strip tease, White Panties, Gagging, Cum shot, Talk Dirty.
Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I still haven’t seen a professionally looking strip tease from a Pinay Cam Girl? Well, it’s bullshit of course, there are a few around. Serenity is one of them. Her Strip is oozing with sex and wild passion, while she makes sure your thing gets as hard as its ever been. Check her out! I’m proud of having Serenity Cam Girl on my payroll!


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Abigail – Straight Filipina Cam Girl Fingering her Pinay Ass

When I first had the pleasure meeting Abigail I was struck by her innocent personality. Not that I would believe an innocent personality like hers. They pretty soon become sluts as soon as they drop their clothes, but Abigail’s innocence was a bit different and I had to ask her to do a “show” for me right there and then, I just couldn’t imagine this one doing anything slutty. At all. I actually expected her to refuse, but she smiled her cute smile and started a striptease-show. It’s not the best strip I’ve seen, but then again, I’ve yet to see a professional looking striptease from any Pinay cam-girl (or bar girl) for that matter. But you know what? That’s what I love about them, their cute clumsiness and shy smiles as the clothes are falling gives me a bigger boner than any girl in Amsterdam Red Light could’ve ever given me.

And Abigail was just like that, a bit clumsy while giggling her shy smile. I got so horny it almost hurt and then she was naked and the nastiness crawled out from it’s hiding place in the deep of this Filipina Cam Girl. (Yes, she passed the test). She turned her ass towards me and stuck her finger deep into her ass while looking into my eyes with a deep wild darkness I hadn’t seen so far. You can see a similar performance if you click the picture below.
Do I have to tell you this ended with a hot fuck? I just couldn’t keep up with my professionalism, I just had to do her. (It is quite rare that I’m able to keep my professionalism intact to be honest, but hey; I’m here to fuck.)
Her wet tender pussy was anything but innocent and I realized I had learned a lesson. Any innocent-looking girl can be hiding a wild sexual beast. This Filipina Cam Girl passed the test with an A+.

Abigail Straight Sex lover Filipina Cam Girl


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Gia – Innocent Looking Cam Girl Dildo Fucking

Gia Filipina Web Cam Chat Model with Wild performance

Take a look at Gia. She looks quite innocent, doesn’t she? On her profile picture she’s actually wearing more makeup than most Filipinas, but there is something by her looks in this picture. Black hair, white bra, innocent face. A type of girl you might not expect to find at my Cam Page over at the Sex Diary.
Gia - Filipina Wild Cam Girl on a pussy rampageBut if you click the picture above, you can witness four video clips of Gia in action. She’s spreading her pussy wide open for you and I can assure you, that pussy ain’t innocent. She spreads her legs wide and performs a masturbation show worth every second you spend on her show.

I picked her out for this ‘feature’ post because she’s just as wild on cam as she was when I first met her. She’s one of the hotter fucks I’ve ever had. Later, when she called me crying one night telling me her boyfriend had dumped her and that she needed money, she didn’t hesitate a moment when I suggested she could work at my cam page.

It’s the kind of girl you might have second thoughts asking for a date, at least if your heart is somewhat weakened. Personally I would love to tear her innocent looking underwear to pieces and fuck her until the sun rises, again. That’s the best part of my job. Finding Girls like Gia makes my dreams go wild at night.


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Marcella: Wild Filipina Cam Girl Claiming to be untouched!

Marcella caught my attention a bit different than I usually notices girls. I was browsing profiles at my cam-page over at the Sex Diary. In her profile I found her self-written comment.

I’m simple,virgine but im seeking a boyfriend im good girl but sometime bad…. hehehe bad in prvt…. ill do naked and play my self for the money.. im just a model work here for some reason… hehe

Marcella, Pinay web-cam girl claiming to be a virgin

She’s one of the girls I haven’t had the chance to explore in person, so I got curious and entered her private chat. We were soon down to our playful web cam business. I captured this picture of her in action. I had to ask myself, does a virgin spread her pussy like a pro? Does her nipples look like a untouched Filipina? Does there even exist a thing called a Filipina Virgin? Lol!.

Anyway, I shall not make fun of my staff. She’s a wonderful girl and her show was top notch. Nah, she ain’t a virgin, but in fact I think what she means is that she is the innocent kind of girl. Until you get her for yourself.
I know for a fact that she lives in Angeles City so if you see her when you’re in the neighborhood… Don’t be shy. She might be innocent on the outside, but she really want to get to know people like you and get dirty, on the inside.


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Mina: Naughty Pinay Web Cam Schoolgirl Fisting Herself.

It is no secret at the Filipina Sex Diary Cam Pages  that Mina is considered to be a top performer amongst the girls. Her specialty is wearing a Filipina Schoolgirl uniform. This might be the answer why there’s always a lot of guys fighting for her attention in the public chat room. She is so full of laughter an naughty answers it sometimes is hard to catch everything being said in there. She’s just as fun in real life, while she auditioned for my cam page she made me burst out in laughter more than once!

Mina Filipina Cam page Schoolgirl

Anayway, I guess you’re not browsing a cam page, like the one at the Sex Diary, to fight for a girls attention in the public chat. You want to see the action. Invite her to the private chat and you’ll find a really funny girl, in more than one way. Her dirty smile, a delightful combination of flirting and sexual tension, while she unbuttons her jacket might be worth the free membership alone. She sure has a lot of dirty things to say too, while she make her nude body visible. After a little while she might start to finger her pussy and I can swear to any god you like, she isn’t faking.
At one point, at her audition, she had almost all of her hand inside her wet little Filipina Snatch, still wearing parts of her Filipina School uniform. If she does that for you too, I think that might be a proper moment to shoot the load…..  I am proud to have Mina at my site!


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