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Another cute Filipina teen exposed on Filipina cam

In keeping up with my desires for fresh Filipina teens getting naked and playing dirty on cam for me I had to get to know this little honey. I don’t remember he name. To be honest, I wanted to share this one with you guys so quick that before I could get all her information, I closed off her page and was left with the video gallery page. As with many of the Filipina cam models, many log offline after a show to refresh, hydrate and clean up a little bit so I was unable to find her in the list of online cams.

Exposing herself on Filipina cam to show her cute Filipina teen privates

The gallery posted above is one she did in January of 2011 but she is was still an active performer to this day! What that says to me is this girl truly enjoys what she does, has lots of experience with her Filipina cam and also has a growing fan base of people who adore her just as much as I do. Her slippery wet pussy looked divine as she exposed herself, finger fucked deeply and came to fruitful orgasm the same time I did. What a girl!


MayAnne jilling off her shaved pussy while on cell phone

The first thing that got me interested in MayAnne was her shaved little pussy. She has nice meaty suckable pussy lips that just beg for attention. Every little touch makes her pink wet pussy pucker and pulse like it’s hungry! While jilling off her shaved pussy, her phone rang and she proceeded to talk with someone who was quite interested in what she was doing to her pussy as well! Not sure what the deal is with that but I couldn’t help imagining it might have been her boyfriend thinking she’s all alone and not spreading legs to her Filipina cam chat with me!

Teen Filipina cam slut MayAnne jilling off pussy while talking on cell phone

The more I told her how hot her shaved pussy made me, the more furiously she jilled off moaning in her phone partner’s ear. I told her how I’d love to have her pussy clench down and suck the cu right out of my cock while fucking her and she immediately exploded into an intense orgasm while watching my chat with her and talking.moaning to whoever was on the phone. Mayanne is definitely one who provided a different kind of Filipina cam experience for me. For that, she’s in my top 10 favs of all time!


Marisol’s cute and petite body exposed on her Filipina cam

If you like your Filipina cams cite, petite and tight then you will surely love Marisol! She has tiny little tits that get erect at the gentlest of touches and an extremely tight pink pussy that just begs to be penetrated! I asked her to model her ass in those tight panties at first to get me hard but you could tell that she wanted to start touching herself too! Once her black panties came down she perked her cute ass up in the air and the view of her shaved Filipina pussy was enough to get any ma dribbling pre-cum!

Cute ass in panties from Marisol showing her petite body on filipina cam

I told her I wanted to watch her fingering her hole in the same position she’d love to be fucked by a thick cock foreign white man so on her back she went with pussy towards Filipina cam, a leg up and a finger stuffed into her pussy! It was so tight she had to fight to get it in at first but once the juices started flowing I told her I wish i could fuck her until we both came. She fingered, fondled and caressed her wet Filipina pussy until we were both very close to cuming. By the time she was busting into her own orgasm I had already launched my own load like Old Faithful erupting!


Judy Anne playing with tits and bald pussy on Filipina cam

Judy Anne has me on a danger list of being divorced here real soon if I ever get caught on cam with her again! You see, I got so excited while in a one-on-one Filipina cam chat with her that I may have inadvertently admitted how much I thought her pussy was the best in the entire world while my wife overheard the whole thing! Now she never cares but that sort of irked her. Once I’m done posting I’ll go do damage control but until then you have to join me in exploring and admiring her perfect bald pussy. I could care less about her playing with tits to be honest because I truly get a raging rock hard boner when it comes to bald pussy Filipinas with a little bit of extra weight on. I could lick her from back side of her crack all the way to belly button repeatedly and not come up for air!

Filipina teen tit play and bald pussy Filipina cam expo

After I had told Judy how I was so attracted to her bald pussy she positioned herself in front of the Filipina cam workstation and spread those legs as wide as she could! The juices glistened all over her mound, lips, hole and even some cheek! Wow, so slippery and smooth looking! She then finger fucked herself into a furious orgasm that was equally matched by my own furious eruption! What a good girl! Now off to save my marriage! haha


Half American/Half Filipina cam sex with fun loving Anna Maria

Now for something a little different. I do not only like Filipina cam sex but also with mixed raced Filipinas too! The fun loving Anna Maria was sure one that got me riled up and horny to go quite quickly! She started off only wearing a sexy black pair of panties but as her Filipina cam show went on, I got to watch her wiggle that sexy cute ass to help get me hard (truth was I already was hard but told her I’d need more teasing because I love a good teaser) and she then pulled out her favorite dildo and meticulously dildo fucked her own shaved pussy until she exploded into an orgasm!

Filipina cam sex peformance with Anna Maria and her dildo

The closer she got to cuming the more I noticed how her pussy lips were creaming up and making that dildo much more slippery, much like a girl of her tightness and physical beauty would have any number of us men creaming! I love it when a Filipina cam show ends with as much sex cream on themselves as I get all over my own pleased self :)