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Pretty and innocent looking new Filipina webcam employee

Pretty innocent looking Filipina cammer   This pretty looking Filipina camhouse employee seemed a little too innocent and new to be a regular. So I asked her how long she has been making our dreams come true. She had told me it was only her second day out of training but she hasn’t had much luck getting guys to hire her for one-on-one Filipina cam sessions. She seemed a bit frustrated so I offered to assist her. I told her that most men will want to see her goods right away but if she wants to get hired she must tease and masturbate discretely and innocently to really be taken seriously. I told her to try it out on me by closing her eyes for a moment, thinking of a hot guy touching her body from cleavage to panty line then down under to rub one out.

She opened her eyes after playing for awhile and said she was ready to take this further.

I ponied up the tokens and told her I want to pretend she is, in many words, molesting me on webcam. She took out one of the new dildos the house gave her to use and sucked it, stroked it and even climbed on top of it. I told her to fuck me like the dirty little whore she is and to let all her embarrassment out the window, enjoy this like it’s her ultimate sexual fantasy coming true. She started to have a couple orgasm on her toy and by this time she had other employees in the camhouse cheering on this innocent looking Filipina as she fucked my “virtual cock” on the bed.

See guys, just because the girl has tits and pussy doesn’t mean they will completely offer themselves up to you. Work with them, find out what excites them and you’ll both have a very good time on cam. I have a few regulars that even discount me periodically because I have formed nice sexual friendships with them on many cam sites.

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