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Filipina strip-tease @ home

Hot Filipina amateur does a strip tease at home on webcam   I had actually cammed with this girl a few weeks ago after getting home from a endoscopy procedure. I thought it was so much fun that I grabbed the video as soon as I see it available in their promotions center. I was in no immediately mental capacity to lead this girl so I told her I was still under anesthetics and needed her to cheer me up. She thought for a few moments. What a pretty face on her when she thinks hehe. So cute :) This fun Filipina then decided to do a nice strip tease in her bedroom for me. What a fantastic idea! Mm what an ass on her. She definitely made my day!

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There’s somethings special bout a girl who uses her body, mind and dirty thoughts to make a man happy. She wasn’t just doing it for her own pleasure. She truly wanted to make me happy watching her and with that kind of dedication she got very personal in her Filipina strip tease. Nothing says “I lust you” like seeing her sexy little thong panty ass wiggling back and forth, grinding against my imaginary hard cock and rubbing her body up and down while dancing to the beat of her own desires to please a man the funnest way she knows how.

I wanted to just come up behind her and jab her cute little ass with my hard cock right then and there! Once I told her this she took her thong off and bent over doggie to invite me into her healing cunt. That made me even happier as she started rubbing her pussy while wiggling her rump back and forth. She rolled over and I told her to masturbate for me like I was fucking her and about to cum all over her warm pussy! She immediately rubbed herself into a fevered orgasm and I blew a load all over myself. I just wish I could have done it all over her.

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