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Don’t just cam, meet up for fun too!

  It’s one thing to chat on cam and play with these hot Asian women but it’s another to actually meet up after playing on cam with them to take it to the next level. I have been an avid fan of many “hookup” sites for a long time and have many stories to tell you about them but what I like most about Asia Friend Finder is that you don’t need to search far. If they are looking to fuck they are listed on this site.

I have set up the all the links to the site to show all available women for hookups in your city/town/village that are of Asian descent. You can’t go wrong! The map beside this paragraph shows some that are available in your area.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve tried this sort of thing before and only ended up watching women who don’t respond or never accept your offers. Read on.. I’m going to help you.

I’ll show you how to get a guaranteed Asian fuck! Cannot fail! Worse case scenario you are bound to have at least 2-3 hot nights out with these hotties! They are on these sights for sexual pleasure. It’s no doubt. However, there is a high failure rate if you don’t keep your cool.

Calm down, relax and it will work out for you! If you can’t hookup with any of these women then there is something seriously wrong. Play it cool. Be up-front but don’t come on too strong, tell them what you like about them and open a discussion with them by telling them what you think they may like in your own profile. Don’t make it all sexual. Telling them you want to anally destroy them on the first date won’t get you anywhere. These are real women, not porn stars you can just drop a load at. They want to have a good time too, not just penetrate and go home. Drop some seeds early in the conversation then when you peak their interest in any subject they are curious or passionate about drop it like a bomb on them in a way that they cannot say no. My favorite response to any chick that takes a non-sexually intended banter as sexual and gets excited is to respond with “Ah yeah? Sounds like we’re going to have a good time. Lets get some drinks and see where this goes. Free to have a fun and interesting night out friday?”

If you planted your seeds right you will succeed! Just don’t seem eager. Desperation looks bad no matter how desperate the girls are too. I have hooked up with many women online using dating sites, hookup sites and even non-adult profile sites by playing it cool and dropping seeds like this. You ARE a good time. Not just your cock. Let that shine in your conversations. You’re not looking to fall in love (although you might, I have) but you still are a human being and so is she. Her needs may just be a one nighter, maybe a short term affair, or maybe more! Who knows! Don’t fret about it if it falls through, move on to the next girl that peaked your interest. I’m far from handsome but it still worked for me.

I really hope these tips get you laid within a week because there are so many attainable Asian chicks ready for a good time just waiting for a man to come play captain-save-a-ho!

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