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Secret Filipina magic girlfriend

Secret Filipina magic girlfriend poses totally nude for me   Man what a wonderful afternoon this has been. It’s only 4:30 and I already had two cam models on the go. You see. My girl is a cam model on the side on one of those non-asian cam sites so when she’s doing her thing I go downstairs and use the other computer to cam with other girls. I have a secret little Filipina girlfriend from FilipinaMagic that I frequently share many afternoons with. So after fucking my girl I went on to play with this magical friend of mine. She totally gets off knowing my girl is in the house getting off and I am playing with her instead. She has every feature I adore in a sexual friend. Tiny body, tits worth playing with and a smooth bald pussy that loves being touched.

I hate to say it but it has to be said. She looks so fragile that she reminds me of my girl as she lays there on the bed getting fucked by me so that’s why I frequent this girl’s cam. I love them petite ones and I can’t help that :)

I told her earlier that I just got done fucking my girl and she became very curious about what we did and wanted me to describe to her what my girl and I did upstairs. So I had her bent over backwards spreading her shaved pussy lips like I was licking her (she used her middle finger to mock-lick her own pussy for me). Then I told her I need her to lay there on her back, wrap her ankles around her head and spread her cheeks wide open for me because that’s how I fucked my girl when I was cumming inside of her. My secret Filipina girlfriend totally got off on this and used two fingers (side-by-side) to bang her pussy as fast and as hard as she can.

I told my serect Filipina girlfriend to do it so deep and fast that it hurts because that’s what I did to my girl with my cock. She was so hot, loud and screaming like she was stabbing herself! I never seen a girls fingers get so wet in my life. She practically pissed herself with her own pussy juices! After I was done I told her how I would like to feature her on this blog and asked her for some pictures. Here’s what she had shared with me.

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