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Petite Asian Babydoll Stripping on Cam

Petite Asian in babydoll nightie stripping naked on cam  Oh now here’s a fantasy that was fulfilled for me in every minute detail. I have a fetish with babydoll nighties on skinny chicks. Well, once I saw this nice petite Asian babydoll stripping on cam I had to enter the chat and get her to do everything I wanted her to do. That included finger fucking, dildo insertions and even tasting her own pussy juices!

 I got her to do a slow strip tease, give me the ultimate girlfriend experience for me. She really liked how sensual and naughty it was but once her panties came off it was all about getting off for me at that point so I had her start masturbating and removing that baby doll outfit so I could see all of her petite body, tiny tits and moist cock hole.

I got her to straddle a dildo like she was mounting my cock and ride up and down getting stickier and stickier with each thrust of her warm moist Asian pussy. I got her to go down on it and give it a few good sucks to make sure I was hard enough to please her. She agreed it was a good idea and gave that dildo a mind-blowing blowjob that only aided in me getting a wet spot at the tip of my own dick.

I then asked her to bend over and let me fuck her with that dildo being a replacement for my own dick.. but right then my internet dropped and the thunderstorm that was happening here cut the power off on me.. fuck! A few short minutes later the power came back on and someone else go to her to finish the job lol So I just watched and she did everything he told her to do. Had her anal fuck herself, deeply finger her pussy and talk very dirty to him while sucking the dildo until both him and her came quite loudly. Good job stranger!

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