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Little brown Filipina Lora’s booty on cam

 BootyLora69 enjoys all the attention her little brown Filipina booty gets on cam and it’s no surprise that I immediately gravitated towards a conversation with this girl. The video beside this is a screen-grab of the performance she put on for me but but if she is online she will tease you until you click to be quick and snatch this one up boys (or girls LOL) because this one is a total rocket to fuck around with!

  Once I saw how elegantly and beautiful this ass jiggled and loved to be touched I knew I had to get her to remove those panties and start massaging her anus, pussy and ass cheeks. She got the whole area so wet with pussy juices that I couldn’t hold back here’s what followed..

“You dirty little slut, I want you to fuck yourself until you want my cock inside of you!”
 She smiled, moaned and rolled over on her tummy with her ass stuck up a bit in the air while with one hand she reached under, stuffed fingers in and out and with her other hand caressing she gyrated her Filipina booty back and forth on cam while rubbing her cheeks, crack and ass hole for me. I told her how I was going to stuff my hard cock deep inside of her and let her grind and gyrate her booty against me while taking it deep.

That excited her and she started moaning louder and while imagining her slippery wet pussy and cheeks wrapped around my cock we both had an intense cum-fest that ended up with her little brown Filipina booty getting sticky wet and shiny with her own juices. If only it were my juices on her.. there would be a second round of fucking with maybe her and another one of her female friends that helps hold her props for her.. which happens to be equally as hot as her!

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